Monday, 18 July 2011

People watching on the train is the most popular form of entertainment on the daily commute.  You don't need fancy gadgets to do it nor does it cost any money.  Win-win I'd say.

Since today is Monday people watching consisted of very tired and very much people.  Since watching sleeping people is both creepy and boring so I decided to get a little extra shut eye myself.  Before I gave my eyes a rest though, I did noticed some things that you can always expect in a train full of tired and/or sleeping commuters.

We have the people that sleep with the sunglasses on, sat straight up trying to fool the other passengers into thinking they're still awake.  There are some people that rely so desperately on that extra 40 mins of sleep that they actually bring a travel pillow.  Then there's the head bobbers.  These are the ones I'm afraid of most.  It weirds me out a little when they're sleeping heads bob up and down too close to my personal bubble.  One of these days I just know someone is going to decide to take a nap on my shoulder.  These types of sleepers are ones that you will find, day in, day out on any GO train line.

As a special treat, you may encounter a snorer.  They're hard to ignore and they make other passengers either giggle to each other or scowl.  Either reaction the situation is always awkward.  What do you do?  Do you nudge them so they shut up or do you just let them snore their little hearts out?  If I'm sat beside one of these noise makers, I usually just let them sleep.  If its really loud and intolerable, I will give them a nudge (of course pretending that I did it by mistake).

And my personal fave.  One that I, myself have done from time to time, I like to call the "fall awake".  Maybe that's a bad name for it but to me it makes sense entirely.  Has there ever been a time where you're falling into a deep sleep then all of a sudden this feeling that you are actually falling comes over you?  It happens to me a lot and it amuses my husband to no end.  First you close your eyes for a little rest of or a nice long slumber.  Then it hits you.  The sensation that you're falling, followed by a jolt and a gasp.  I've done this a couple of times on the train and most recently in the company of one of my commuter buddies.  I jumped so much it prompted her to ask if I was OK.  That one sure would have been embarrassing if I didn't have a friend there to laugh about it with.  Also, one of the reasons that I don't like to fall asleep on the train.  Now, of course I was expecting others to notice and have a little chuckle amongst themselves.  I admit I do the same thing when I see others practically jump out of their skin because they're "falling" asleep.

I'm curious to know.  What is/would your GO transit sleep/nap be like?  Vote to the right!

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