Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Ok GO transit what's the excuse for this one?  Has no one told you it's stinkin' hot outside?  Why are half the cars on this train without air conditioning?  Seems like a sick joke to me.

I suppose you could say I'm one of the lucky ones though. I've managed to hop on a car with air. I can barely feel it though since I'm sat on the stairs, in a skirt no less. I hope the people in the seats facing me can't see my under-crackers. That would be embarrassing.

Still I'm not complaining about being in a jammed packed train, sitting on the stairs, barely feeling tiny waves of cool air and flashing my knickers to the other passengers (jury's still out on whether or not this is true).  I did have the option of joining a car with zero air, cool or circulation but I would have had a seat (since no one wants to sit like that for an hour).

This is how my story goes.  As I was running along the platform, I hopped into the first car I came to.  Immediately I was slapped in the face by the heat. That was followed by another slap, this time from the B.O. Not cute. With people behind me I made a break for the next car walking through the train. Bam!  Just as bad. I ducked, I dived and I managed to get back to the platform. Running some more, in this lovely humidity I came to the car I'm now in.  Oh the lengths one will go to for a little relief from the heat.

I guess the silver lining for today's commuting adventures is the promotions girls that came around this morning. GO transit has really upped their game when it comes to promoting their extra trains for Caribana next weekend. On our sleepy morning train, the sound of 2 perky young ladies dressed in a bedazzled bra and panty set really wakes you up. Watching the men's faces was comical. Jaws dropped and eyes popped.  As for the women, they were in more of a staring blankly and judging kind of mood. Even saw one lady roll her eyes.  I wonder what tomorrow's promoting will have in store. I say, bring on the free stuff and leave the bling bling bikinis at home.

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