Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Exiting the parking lot is one of my favorites things about my daily commute.  Not!  And yes, I know, the 90's called and they want their saying back.  Anyway, back to my rant.  Is it just me or do people forget about parking lot etiquette all too often.

Today was one of the days that I just wanted to lay on my horn and give a couple commuters the finger.  Alas, I didn't.  It is summer after all, and summer should not be wasted on being aggravated by the selfish behaviour of others.  Instead, I have decided to blog about it.

So I'm in my car, windows down and heading out of the parking lot.  Time to go and my my hunky man for a walk in the park.  I pull up to the road that leads out of the parking lot.  There is already a vehicle on the other side of the road waiting for their turn to enter the line.  They pull out in front of another car following GO parking lot protocol and letting them in line.  That's where the niceties end.

I'm next to pull out into line.  Just have to wait for the next passing vehicle to let me in.  A car pulls up in line.  I'm gonna call him Mr. Hot Shot in an Audi.  I start to nudge forward in between him and the car ahead.  Does he allow me to go?  Oh heck no!  In fact he nearly takes my bumper off as his way of letting me know he's a hot shot in an Audi.  Dink.  I know he knew that was breaking the code because he stared straight ahead, pretending he didn't see me there at all.

Getting a little frustrated, I pull forward just a wee bit more.  My first try failed but I'm not going to fail this time.  As I'm edging forward to get into the line outta there, the car in front belonging to Mr. Hot Shot, the car behind, not a car at all.  Its a truck and a big one at that.  I'm a quarter way into the line now and I'm ready to make the final move when the Audi moves.  Do I get that opportunity?  Oh heck no!  Mr.  Big Man in his Big Truck, does a cute little, go around the girl in the Pontiac, move.  Are you serious?  Dink x 2.

The person waiting across the road is watching all this going on and is smiling and shaking his head.  I take that as validation that I'm not the bad driver.  These guys are just suffering from some self important, little man syndrome.  As Mr. Big Man in is Big Truck moves up closer to his newest friend Mr. Hot Shot in an Audi, I finally make a break for it and get into line.  Thank you Man in a Jeep for letting me in!

Lesson learned today; let people into the exit line.  We all have something more important to do than play silly games in the parking lot of the GO station.  And the second lesson I learned?  I will not be letting in Mr. Hot Shot or Mr. Big Truck into the line anytime soon.  See how they like. ha.  And yes, I know I'm being immature. :-P

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