Friday, 13 May 2011


Today my I intention was to write about the latest news on the missing wallet / GO train passes. Then when I was least expecting it, I was witness to something rather odd. 

I arrive at the station, as per usual, heading to the platform for my morning commute. I usually stop by the paper boxes and try to score myself a copy of 24 (I love their crosswords). This morning there we none left. - On a side note, I can never understand how 4 boxes filled with the same paper can be empty at 730 in the morning. I always wonder if it's the bus drivers taking copies for their passengers. Either way, it bugs me when there aren't any there to entertain me. - Anyway, there were none left today and as I turned from the paper boxes to head down into the tunnel, I heard someone talking on their phone. 

People talking on their cell phones is defiantly not odd but I always feel the need to glance over and see whose doing the talking. Today is no different.  I glance over and thats when I say to myself "one of these things just doesn't belong here". The gentleman on the phone has 2 cotton swabs up his nose. Umm ok dude. I know it's allergy season but don't you think that's taking it just a wee bit too far?  

Ok now that that story is out of the way I bring you the final update on the missing wallet front. 

As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to see if I could get my monthly GO train pass replaced. I gather all my statements to prove I purchase them regularly. I wrote a letter telling them why I would like to have it replaced. And then they needed a copy of my license.  Thank goodness they accepted this silly paper one that I've been given temporarily. 

Once all that stuff was submitted it needed to be reviewed by the bosses. And I needed to wait for a response. Well I got my response, and yes, it was the answer I was hoping for. I'm getting a replacement monthly pass!!  Woot!  GO transit for today you are my hero.

In the end losing my wallet has sucked big time. Everything needed to be replaced and of course replacing things costs money. At least this time it did cost nearly $300. 

Once again ladies and gents, don't put anything on the roof of your car that you have any intention on keeping. You will drive away with it and it will be gone for good. 

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