Wednesday, 11 May 2011


So today the lost wallet saga continues.  This time it actually pertains to what life is like, on the GO.  

Along with all my identification, bank, credit and points cards, my wallet also included my monthly GO train pass.  What does one of the beauties cost me every month?  267 bones.  That's right folks, I, along with everyone else, pays this crazy amount every month for the luxury of commuting via GO transit.  So when you lose your wallet that contains your train pass on the 9th day into the month, all you can do is curse yourself.  

There are 2 options, 1) buy a new monthly pass or 2) buy 10 ride passes.  Both options kind of suck and one isn't really any better then the other.  I think I'm just going to create my own 3rd option (thanks to the ideas of a co-worker and a GO worker).  I'm going to collect my Visa statements and highlight the monthly passes that I buy every month.  Then I'm going to ask their customer service reps to issue me a new pass.  What do you think my chances are?  I'm hoping they're pretty good.  But if not, at least I'll know I tried.  Then if I have buy a new monthly pass, I will shed a tear that losing my wallet has now cost me $277 ($10 to replace my drivers licence).  Dang it!  Even writing down what this could potentially end up costing me kind of makes me want to cry. :-(

Now for the next bit of my story.  Without a monthly pass I needed to purchase a train ticket (I decided to go with a day pass today, just incase by a stroke of luck, my wallet was returned).  

I get to the counter, order my ticket, and then try and pay using my new debit card.  I say try because I was not successful.  For some reason my new debit card decided that today, after working yesterday, it would become a dud.  How embarrassing?!  I showed the attendant my sad, empty wallet and explained that I had my wallet "stolen".  I was too embarrassed to admit it was really my fault my wallet was gone.  The attendant had pity on me (thank goodness) and printed me a ticket.  She handed it to me with an IOU envelope.  Thank you Sue!  You and your pity were much appreciated today!

Oh and have no fear.  The first thing I did when I got off the train back at home was, return the IOU envelope complete with the funds to the ticket counter.  I hope karma sends some good luck in Sue's direction! 

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