Monday, 16 May 2011


Oh the conversations you hear when you're on the GO.

Today's afternoon commute was full of entertaining stories.  Stories smoking the herb and the subsequent mishaps. Here is a glimpse of the stories that have been privy to. First, I will introduce you to the narrators. Girl 1 I'll call Blondie (who has an affinity for petting her hair) and Girl 2 I will call Emo (pretty self explanatory, I guess).

As Blondie and Emo start their conversation it begins with the casual "hi, how are you" and a "what have you been up to". Then it quickly moves into stories of smoking reefers the previous night.

At first Emo is shocked the Blondie would partake in such extra curricular activities. Once she's over the initial shock they begin to compare notes.

Blondie starts telling a story about how she was toking with her ex last night. They "hot boxed" their car and then she got a call from mom and pop Blondie that it was time to come home for dinner.  She hopped out of the car she was in and got into her car, heading home for some grub (no doubt she enjoyed that meal). As she pulled out of the parking lot she noticed a cop behind her, following her nearly all the way home.  Queue paranoid driving.  I would not want to be in her shoes.  I probably would have pulled into another parking lot and started crying.  Too stressful for this goody-two-shoes girl.

Not to be outdone Emo decides to tell her, "I was smoking weed and then a cop came story".  Emo's story is kind of dull though so I'll just repeat it in point form;
- smoked up with a friend in a Shoppers Drug Mart parking lot
- cop pulls in and goes into said Shoppers
- friend got paranoid and decided to go into Shoppers so the cop wouldn't be suspicious of 2 girls sitting in the far end of a Shoppers Drug Mart parking lot

Oh and of course throughout both stories there were a lot of "like" and "hahaha my brain doesn't work" added in for an extra affect. Sounds like these ladies had a little smokie smokie before getting on the GO and unveiling their "when I was smoking weed" stories.

Try not to be jealous of me now but I got to listen to these and many other short stories for the whole ride. Oh to be under 21 again.

P.S. I know their under 21 because they were talking about how much the zero tolerance policy sucks even though they have their G's.  A whole other thrilling story.

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