Tuesday, 31 May 2011


As a commuter you know summer has arrived by the various changes that occur. Whether is be the passengers or the train itself you can always tell when something changes.

My personal favourite is for me the first sign that warm weather is here to stay. Skirts and running shoes.  Practical really but not the greatest fashion statement. I wonder what Alexander McQueen would say?  I admit that I don't wear my heals while traveling (if I can help it), but I don't wear runners either. I find that a cute pair of flats does the trick nicely.

Next tell tale sign that warm weather is imminent is the temperature on the train.  For some reason the train is always cold. Well apart from the times when the A/C is broken and everyone starts stripping (trust me this isn't a good thing with commuters). For example this morning walking outside you can easily get away with a skirt and tee shirt without catching a chill. On the GO train, you for sure need a cardigan and you may even wish you had pants on (like I am a little). Why so darn cold GO Transit?


In other news there are a couple of passengers that have allowed the train to be privy to their goings on. He is a long haired, scruffy fellow. He travels with a long board and is obviously holding on desperately to his youth. She is a preppy, casual woman that you can tell enjoys a beer or two.  She's been married for 26 years and has an obvious attraction to him who is not her husband.

When the conversations started about a month ago they were innocent. Talk of the weather, plans for the weekend, the usual.

I typically tune them out but today their conversation has peeked my attention. Apparently she's leaving her hubby!  I hope it’s not for this schmuck, oy.  Oh man gotta love commuter gossip.

P.S.  As I finished writing this he and she began barking.  Yep, they're barking like dogs.  What the heck?  I guess it's truly a match made in heaven. 

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