Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Tonight I'm on a slightly later train then I normally take. I never realized what a 15 min difference can make.

I'm used to the trains being full. All seats taken and possibly a person or 2 standing. Mind you those that stand generally choose that option. As for today, this train car us full!

I wonder if the other cars are experiencing this over crowding. Not only are the seats all full but each set of stairs has 2 people sat on them. Then there are the folks that are standing. They're  standing by the doors (I assume), they're by the garbage bins (as usual) and they're standing in the isles.

This is what makes me most uncomfortable about an over packed car. I generally sit in an isle seat because there is more room under the seat to put stuff, including my feet. When there are people standing in the isle I always wish I was sat near the window.

The train sways and so to they. I'm just waiting for someone to lose their balance and fall on top of me. They move around a lot, having to bend down every time they want something out of their purse or briefcase. Its at these moments i worry about getting bumped by someones rump. And the worst of it all is feeling their hot breath on the top of my head. Granted it's not every time there is someone standing beside my seat, but even once or twice is enough to gross me out.

I just wish folks wouldn't crowd the train cars that end up closest to the doors. If you didn't make it in time to get a seat on this one, keep on moving down the line until you find a seat. That would be so much better then making the rest of us (or maybe it's just me?) uncomfortable.  


  1. Love the idea behind your blog. ;) It's like listening into what someone is thinking on the train!

    I always sit when on the subway. I hate hate HATE standing, even if it's for a couple stops. I'm afraid of being that person that topples over on you and I hate that feeling of being watched by the row of people I'm standing over. So awkward!

  2. For sure! Today I was on the crowded train again, and some guy from the window seat tripped as he was trying to get out and kicked me.

    "Dear GO transit, more leg room please." lol

    The GO train is bad enough. I don't know how you do the subway!