Sunday, 26 June 2011


So it's been a fantastic 2 weeks in sunny rainy Ireland.  Though I was very excited to come home, I was also a little sad to leave it behind.  There are a lot of great things about life in Ireland.  People are laid back, enjoy a casual lifestyle and they don't require a whole lot for a good time.  It was a refreshing experience to spend some time where material things just aren't at the top of the list.  Still, Canada is my home and there are many things that I love about living here like, poutine, and patios and of course my hubby.  I also can't complain that I'm writing this while sitting on my balcony at 7:30 am and enjoy the start of what is going to be beautiful, summer clothes wearing, sunny day.

Now of course you know that it requires a plane ride to go to and from Ireland (unless you have some serious swimming skills, but its doubtful they're that good).  And this is my story about my long commute from Ireland to Canada.

I had been out the night before my flight, to a house party.  I've been taken under the wing of my co-worker Dave (thanks Dave!) and he's brought me along for one last night of fun.  My flight leaves at 12:45 the following day and Dave is nervous that if he keeps me out too late I'm going to miss it.  Don't worry Dave; I made it.  And in true form, I was early.  A little too early.

I got to the airport for about 9:15am.  I know it was way early but I was excited to get on my way back home.  I was also paranoid that I would have to wait in a line similar to the one on my adventure to Ireland.  Didn't happen though.  There was only 1 person in front of me at the check in.  Well that was once I figured out where exactly I was supposed to be.  You see I saw a really long line where I thought I was meant to be so I waited in that for about 15mins until I realized that the other folks in line were not going to Canada.  This wasn't the first time I was lost at the airport either.

When I had completed check in, I was then told to walk to the other end of the terminal and find the security lines.  In typical Dublin fashion the signage was terrible.  I walked to the other end, didn't see a thing.  I walked back to the ticket counter and had a look for signs there, nothing.  I walked to the other end again, but this time I asked about 3 airport employees to help me find my way.  In my defense, the security was hidden.  Some renovations going on in the airport had hidden the small door that I needed to go through to find the line up.  Once I was through the door, I picked a line and went through security.  I haven't been to a whole lot of airports before but this one was the most relaxed I've seen.  I'm not even sure the person running the little scanner thing noticed I had gone through.  No one waved me to move on and once through I walked around the tech, while she was chatting to someone else, and collected my stuff.  Pretty good for me since security takes no time but kind of makes me wonder what else could have gotten through?

I made it home safe and sound so I'm not going to worry about the could've, would've, should've aspect of security.  I'm through it now and its time for me to find my gate.  I'm still about 2 hours before departure at this time and I'm seeing signs but apparently I'm not very good at following them.  I'm looking for gate 311.  I wander around, popping in and out of duty free shops, and I'm trying to follow the arrows to where I'm supposed to go.  Well I ended up at gate 4 something and then thought now would be a good time to turn around and go back where I came.  This time I followed the signs without doing the window-shopping I did before, and I was able to find gate 311.  I grab some toast and water (as I said, I had been to a house party the night before, :-) picked a seat, broke out the lap top, and watched some Coronation Street.

The flight was a typical flight really.  Small, narrow seats, with a bum to fill them all and bad food.  I was sat at the window this time and the other 2 seats had 2 young rugby players on a school trip to Toronto.  I might be slightly jealous here but why didn't I get to go on a school trip overseas?  I can imagine that these guys are going to have fantastic time in Canada.  

I slept for most of the flight, exhausted from the previous night 2 weeks.  The one good thing about the plane was it had the TV’s in the headrest and you could pick what you wanted to watch.  I watched some of The Kings Speech, some of The Fighter, and some of a documentary called Google World.  I fell a sleep in the middle of all of them but the beginnings and ends were pretty good.  I also chatted with the boys and made sure that when they went to Wonderland they would try funnel cake.  And if they were out for lunch or dinner they needed to try poutine.  Yep, I basically told them all the most unhealthy things that they could try while they were here.  They're young and active; they can handle a little junk food.

All in all, my flight was bearable and my trip was a fantastic time.  As of tomorrow this girl will be back on the GO.  Oh whoa is me.  Though I suppose it could be worse, it could be a full workweek.  Canada Day here I come!!!

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