Sunday, 1 May 2011


Commuter [kəˈmjuːtə]
a) a person who travels for work over an appreciable distance , usually from the suburbs to the centre of a city.

I'm a commuter.  How thrilling right?  I get to wake up extra early every morning and come home extra late every night (thanks to my 2 hour daily train ride), all for the love of my job.  

So for those of you that don't commute, have you ever thought to yourself "I wonder what life is like for a commuter"?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  Never the less, I've decided to share my experiences of daily commuting life.  The good, the bad, and the just plain weird.  I see it all and I see it on the daily.

Since it's Sunday today there are no new and exciting stories to share.  Have no fear, I have a few stories that will be forever etched in my mind.  If you're on my facebook you'll probably remember a few of these gems.  Today I'm going to start with one that is from my more recent memory bank.


Heading into work, it's not unusual to see women applying their faces for the day.  I'll admit, I do it too.  Such an efficient use of time.  Anyway, I'm sat across from a women that has her makeup bag on her lap and is applying it while making little jokes with her boyfriend sitting next to her.  Nothing particularly out of the ordinary until I see it.  Now you're asking yourself, "what is it?".  Its a spoon!  First I'm thinking, who has a spoon in their make up bag?  Then I think, what is she going to do with it?  It doesn't take long before she is using her spoon for its new use.  An eyelash curler.  She brings spoon to eye and presses her lashes up over the convex back.  Weird.  Does that really work?  I stopped watching, this is just too much for my brain to take on in the morning.

Our train pulls into the station and I depart ready to start my day.  First thing on my list of things to do, gossip with the girls.  Second thing on my list, try and curl my lashes with a spoon.

And there my friends you have a glimps into what it's like to be a Girl.on.the.Go.  Stay tuned for more exciting, even if pointless, stories to come.

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