Thursday, 26 May 2011

Is.It.Yours? Or.Is.It.Mine?

The armrest.  What a great little invention.  No matter where its located, couch, car, movie theater, public transit, it always seems to make you that little bit more comfortable. 

The question is, when there is only one armrest and 2 seats what is the proper etiquette?  Does it go to the person who was first sat down?  Does it go to the person who is larger in size?  Or does it go to whoever wins the elbow war?  Personally, I think that it should go to person who was simply using it first. 

If my way were the way of all other commuters, right now I would be watching 90210 on my laptop with my elbow comfortably resting on the little ledge in the middle.  Today, however, the unwritten rule believed by my armrest buddy is that he should get it by size default.  One bump of the elbow and off I was.  I hope he’s enjoying it while he plays his Metro Play games in comfort. 

I suppose it’s not all bad though because it’s given me not only something to write about, but also something to do that does not require an armrest (as I’m preparing my blog via Word while on the GO).

Not going to lie though, as you may have gathered already this type of situation erks me.  Yes, I’m smaller then this particular person.  Heck I’m smaller then most the people on here (given they’re mostly men).  That aside if you take in the other factors of my little scenario into consideration, what outcome would you come up with? 

Fact #1 - I was the first to sit down.
Fact #2 - I was using the armrest first (all set up and ready to watch some TV) and;
Fact #3 - I paid the same amount for my ticket that he did.  Shouldn’t I be entitled to the same amount of space?  (Perhaps that’s another story but I mean not only does he have the armrest but he’s also invading my little bubble.)  

Ok, ok, maybe I’m being a little over sensitive about it.  Maybe it’s because this is a day in day out battle?  I guess it just comes down to the day.  Sometimes I fight and sometimes I give in.  Today, I’m just choosing to complain about it.

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