Thursday, 5 May 2011


Today's GO train story is one I encountered when I arrived at work.  Nothing exciting on my end today, but for a co-worker and fellow GO commuter, her morning was anything but ordinary.
If you're a commuter that uses public transit, you will be able to relate to this story.  Ever been on a train, a bus, or a subway and thought to yourself "this is a great time to catch some extra shut eye"?  I know I sure have and so has my co-worker.

Typically when you fall asleep on the train you're really only half asleep.  Waking up at every stop to make sure you don't miss yours.  Sometimes though when you stay up extra late the night before, or wake up through-out the night because your partner is hogging all the blankets, you're so tired that you fall asleep....a deep sleep.  This morning was that kind of morning for my co-worker. 

She hopped on her typical train, fell right to sleep, and stayed sleeping all the way to Union Station.  You would think that the customer service rep hollering out over the loud P.A. would wake her up.  Not this time.  She must have been practically comatose.  So, as she sits there in a deep sleep, it's clear that she is not about to wake up and depart the train.  All the other passengers are rushing to depart the train and make the rest of their journey to work.  No doubt they're noticing the cute girl sleeping through it all.  But do any of them do the courteous thing and wake her?  Nope.  They just leave her there to catch some more zzzz.

Everyone else has now got off and made their way into the station.  The doors to the empty train close and then, she wakes.  Hello?  Hello?  Is anybody there?  In a panic, noticing she's at her stop and can no longer get off, she presses the emergency alarm.  Beep.  Beep.  Passenger assist alarm in coach 3-3-3-0 can be heard over the loud speaker.  Finally, the doors open and she is able to disembark.  Is she embarrassed?  No.  Is she laughing at herself?  For sure. 
Moral of the story is, make sure you set your alarm if you're going to sleep on your commute.  And for those who notice another passenger sleeping through they're stop, please do the right thing and wake them up.  Karma will get cha if you don't!

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