Wednesday, 4 May 2011

This morning was interesting.  Nothing like a bunch of commuters in disarray and confusion, bright and early in the morning. 

You see, like myself, people have routines. We take a specific train 90% of the time so we know where to herd ourselves to board the train.  We can do this without having to even think about it. Then there are days like today when, for one reason or another, the train is scheduled to come in on a different track. 

The station attendants make their announcements, but are people awake enough to comprehend?  The signs in the tunnel have been changed, but who really notices those?  Generally what happens is a select few people will hear the announcement or read the sign and then the rest of the commuters will follow in a zombie like state. 

Today was much the same but a little different too. As the trains pulled in someone panicked and thought they were on the wrong platform. Down the stairs into the tunnel they ran. Zombies following suit. And for those in the tunnel below the tracks, it is up to us to decide which set of stairs lead to the correct platform.  

I hear the train pull in and quickly make my decision. With people running up and down the stairways to each platform this was a challenging decision.  I go with my gut (and my gut tells me to read the sign, lol) and off up the stairs I go. I get to the top an there's my train, ready and waiting to take me to work. 

On the train, I am still boggled.  Why were there so many people still running down the stairs while I nudged my way up?  Pity the fool that misses their train because they can't decide which platform has the pot of gold aka GO train. 

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  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2011

    I didn't know there were lemmings in TO.